Fraser Island in 2 days

Fraser Island in 2 days

I know it sounds stupid… “Fraser Island in 2 days”, surely the world’s Largest Sand Island would take more than a couple of days to cover, right? You would be correct! Unfortunately our short weekends only allow for so much time on the stunning white sandy beaches of Fraser Island.

Stretching just over 122kilometres against water as blue as Chris Hemsworth’s eyes, chuck in some lush rainforest for some green, and the worlds purest colony of dingoes along with the fading sunset for some orange; the raw nature and colors of Fraser island are for anyone’s bucket list near and far.

Our journey started on a late Thursday night, after picking up Chelaine from her closing shift at work; Mind you this trip was not overly planed but more of a last minute adventure, as when the light bulb moment struck I rushed and panicked while trying to get our trusty not so trusty turtle van ready. I had given Chelaine only but a few hours’ notice as I madly rushed to prepare and pack for the weekend ahead.

IMG_3205With roughly a four hour drive ahead of us, empty food wrappers on the front console, a few cans of energy drink and some warm coffee to keep us awake, we aimed our little turtle van and headed up the Bruce highway with our first destination of Rainbow Beach slowly coming closer and closer.

We arrived at rainbow beach at exactly 2:31am Friday morning. The township was dark and not a mouse squeak could be heard. It was definitely the getaway we were seeking; no more city lights and noises. It was a great feeling to be sitting there on the main beach, sand in our toes, van and each other side by side (by side) watching the stars kiss the water’s edge and knowing the sun was only just around the corner for the new day to begin.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0224.JPGAs the first rays of sun pierced the night sky it was our time to continue on with the next leg of our journey. With a little rest behind us we continued on the main road of Rainbow Beach with our next destination not far from where we were.

We arrived to inskip point. This raw yet beautiful peninsula was the door way to Fraser Island and, as we crossed the rough sandy terrain, we boarded the barge to cross the channel.


From there we battled through some of the sandy tracks that Fraser Island had to offer, until we made our way through the trees to the stunning crystal clear waters of Lake McKenzie.

Lake McKenzie was by far one the most magical places we’d ever visited! Water so clear that your reflection was a perfect mirror image. At first you’d think all the talk was just a big hype, but once you see it you’ll truly appreciate all of its beauty.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0280.JPG Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

After having the lake all to ourselves due to our super early arrival, we slowly made our way through the rainforest to our next destination and lunch stop at Central station.

Here the island offered us a scenic boardwalk through the vegetation and picnic areas. We felt like ants among the trees growing, most of which had been here for centuries.


From here our next location was to be Eli Creek but due to Fraser’s harsh tracks, our little turtle van unfortunately could not take the beating any longer (CV popped out) Chelaine and I were unable to nurse the van back to health and were forced to admit our defeat. (Fraser 1 – Kitty & Koorie 0)

Sadly with our van down we had to cut some of our trip short, but this did not mean it was completely over. Luckily we broke down close to the small town of Eurong where we booked into great place to stay for the night, and found a backpacker bar which gave us a chance to be with some of the locals and share some great stories around. Timed escaped us and as we danced the night away the dark sky slowly gained its color.


With the new day upon us it was time to get the old girl on a tow truck and slowly limp our way home, but first we needed a good feed and a bit of rest.

All in all Fraser Island was definitely worth every second of our trip and although we may have ran into a little hick up, we made the most of it and kept a smile on our face because it was all part of the adventure!

Koorie & Kitty


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  1. Planning to take my pajero over in january is it easy to camp there or is booking ahead essential?
    We have a very similar set up to you guys and I’ve looked at trying to camp there but it’s difficult to understand. Any ideas??


    • Morning lach 🙂 its great to hear your going to Fraser, honestly it’s such an amazing place.
      Yes we agree, it can be quite difficult to understand all the formalities of Fraser Island specially with all the restrictions around certain seasons. The best place to start would be, Seeing as you are thinking of going around the peak season we would advise to book your camping permit as soon as possible. Our previous experience with Fraser Island and inskip point has shown that camping areas fill up very quickly and very early on the holiday period. So booking you camping permit is essential. Our preferred places to camp on Fraser would be around the Happy Valley as it has all your essentials at a close drive as well as Eli creek and Lake Mckenzie near by. It is also a very central
      Location of the island so it make it a bit easier to go to any location.
      After your camping permit you will also need a vehicle permit to drive on the beach. Now depending where your coming from, you will also need a separate permit if you were to come from the Noosa shore line and up Teewah beach. All
      These permit can be purchased from the link below:
      The last thing you will need will be the barge ticket but this one is quite simple, you just drive up to the barge, park it and pay for a return ticket. From there you will be ready for your adventure!

      Best of luck our friend 🙂

      If you have any more questions please, just ask away 🙂

      Kitty & koorie.


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