Abandoned but not lost

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Abandoned but not lost.

Leading up to the Easter long weekend, Kitty and I thought we would give you guys a little treat, an insight to one of our secret spots that we like to visit from time to time on our adventures. Although the locals know all too well of it, there’s rarely more than a handful of visitors amongst it.

Abandoned but not lost, this unique swimming hole was once a quarry. With clear deep blue waters, this exclusive swimming hole is definitely the prefect contrast from the crowded waterfalls and local beaches.

Sitting just outside the Byron Bay region, this oasis can be found in the small town of Bexhill. Although many reports will say the waters at Bexhill “could be harmful” they forget to mention that PH levels currently sit at ph3.8 which is close to the stunningly clear waters of Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island which sit at ph4.2.

If you decided to check out this stunning water hole over the long weekend, bear in mind that locals are not used to seeing extra traffic around the area so please find a safe place to park and take all rubbish with you once you leave.


Have a safe Easter everyone
Koorie & Kitty.

  • Location can be found on map provided.
  • You will find a small dirt patch opposite to Bexhill public school that can be used as a parking space.
  • Follow small 4×4 track for roughly 50 to 100 metres from car park area and you will be at the location
  • Enjoy!! And please do not leave your rubbish behind or else locals will close this place down!

map bexhill


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