Waterfalls And Winding Roads


Waterfalls And Winding Roads.

Over the past few months Kitty and I have ventured out to a few national parks in our region, each one topping the last. As we travel further and further from our home we discover more magnificent rainforests and captivating waterfalls on our journeys.

Initially with our minds set for a Byron adventure, we set off down the coastline with a slight detour through the mountains roads.

If you have the spare time on your travels from Brisbane to Byron Bay, we highly recommend a visit to the township of Nimbin nsw. Not only is the drive breathtaking as you trail alongside the tweed river, but the lush setting of farmlands and mountain caps with winding roads will surely leave you feeling inspired.

In Nimbin we were greeted with some of the most vibrant human beings and shops fronts you will ever come to see. Home to 1,668 beautiful hippies, this town has become Australia’s most famous hippie destination and is not hard to see why.

As we continued on through the Nimbin shire and onto the Lismore hinterland, we enter the World Heritage-listed Nightcap National Park and more importantly, Protesters falls. Named after the Terania Creek protests of the late 1970s that saved this precious patch of pristine rainforest.

It’s not long thereafter starting the tracks that we came to see the first few rock pools which looked more like pictures on postcards. While standing there and taking in our surroundings, we gazed up stream only to be left speechless of the towering cliff face that is Protesters falls. Words cannot describe the scenery this hinterland has to offer.

This detour proved to be well worth the drive on our way through to Byron Bay.

Kitty & Koorie.


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