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After recently completing our Thailand adventure, we decided to give our take on a few things you should and shouldn’t do, what to pack and a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your trip.

Firstly we would like to give a big thanks to Flight Centre Springfield for booking our accommodation, tours and transfers. You guys honestly made our trip a breeze.

So before planning your trip, I’m sure you already know, but always check the weather! Monsoon Season starts May through till late October. This means 50 percent chance of storms on a daily basis and humidity so hot it will have you needing a spare set of clothes to change into every hour. The rest of the year is basically just hot with beautiful blue skies, but will also be overloaded with tourists. We suggest using, which has more information regarding the seasons.

What to Bring.

What to bring is a good one. We deliberately under packed; knowing how cheap things are when comparing the exchange rate. We took only three sets of clothes and basically bought more there, to the point where we had to buy another whole suitcase to bring it all back.

Although we travelled with a lot of equipment (Cameras, laptop, iphones, battery packs), we only brought two adaptor plugs with us, which we got from Target for $5 each and took a power board from home to plug everything straight in.

Things to remember and what not to do.

One thing to make a note of when travelling is the water quality. While Thailand remains to be an absolutely beautiful country, it is not wealthy and doesn’t have the luxury of filtered tap water. We recommend not to drink water unless its bottled and if you have a open wound or a fresh tattoo like we did, do not hop in the shower to clean it… yes that’s right it will get infected.

If you have the time, bargaining in markets can be great fun, especially if you have a sales background. It almost feels as if a live auction is taking place right there in front of you, as you toss numbers back and forth. Vendors normally start high always wanting to get the most out of your foreign dollars but never take their first figure. Always aim for half if not a little bit less and don’t be afraid to walk away, you will see that they will do the chasing and come to you. If not, there are hundreds of market with nearly all the same products which you can try your luck again. This also applies to taxis and tuk-tuk’s but make sure establish the price and location beforehand.

Of course you’re going to go see one! It’s the Thailand thing to do, right?

Honestly though, the ping-pong show we saw was great! And it’s just that, a show. The particular one we went to did not show anything too R rated, but it was one of the funniest experiences we have had and would highly recommend it to anyone that visits Patong Beach. Something to remember before you go in is most of these places have no cover charge therefore they have promoters at the main road trying to pull everyone in to come and see. Sure it’s great, but be warned as drinks are expensive! And the rules are you need to be drinking to be in the venue. Promoting will start fairly early because they want you to come in and spend money on drinks, while waiting for the show that may not be starting for a couple hours still. Aim to get in there around 11 to 11:30pm and you should be good. Buying a “cheap” drink may seem to be a smart idea but honestly nothing is cheap in there, so we suggest buying a big drink, Eg a cocktail, and drinking it slow enough that it lasts you the length of the show. Considering the average cocktails at bars and restaurants are around $4 AUD while the drinks in the show range from $35 to $50 AUD, we feel as if this may be a good idea.

What If something bad happens?

I’m sure you all purchase insurance when you travel but just a few quick pointers to help you get by should something happen. Take photos of everything you have packed for your trip, as it’s a great way to prove your belongings. Make sure to have the receipts for your valuable items before you go on your trip in case you need to show any proof of purchase. We say this because we lost one of our GoPro cameras on a tour and, after receiving a reference letter from the tour that exact day, we were able to get a claim going within minutes because we had everything we needed right there.

Last one, and mostly for you ladies.

Temples and places of worship are sacred, and when visiting these beautiful places you should remember to cover your shoulders and legs. Some temples will have ladies there to tie drapes around you if you would like to enter but we suggest taking your own sarong should there be no drapes left for you.


Anyway thanks for reading and hope you have a blast in Thailand guys.

Let us know how you go!! 🙂

Kitty & Koorie.

Also check out Cover-More if you haven’t already got your insurance sorted. They’re an Australian business, super helpful and simple to use.

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  1. Marcela cornejo July 21, 2017 — 11:15 am

    Very well presented your web page I love your free spirit as well thank you all the good information, just one thing you forget to share or show what will good to do for over 50 people. Well Done !!!!


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