A Morning At Sea

A Morning At Sea

With another beautiful Saturday upon us, Kitty and I ventured out to our local and favourable coastline. It’s hard to look past the photogenic beaches, surfer-welcoming breaks and soft golden sand of the Gold Coast, but with winter season upon us there is something quite magical on the horizon. I know at first it’s hard to imagine what it could be, however, if you were to take a moment and pay close attention, I’m sure you too would see the magic it holds this time of the year.

Sometimes words are simply not enough to depict the humble experience of meeting face to face with these beautiful creatures. As they migrate over 10,000kms, we are privileged to encounter the Humpback Whale swimming close to our shores as they make their way to breeding grounds in the warmer coastal waters of the south pacific.

The great team at Spirit Of Gold Coast not only gave us the delightful opportunity to come so close to these magnificent mammals, but they also provide some excellent knowledge along with the all the immense support towards whale awareness.

If you’re looking for that perfect Saturday morning adventure, the odd bucket list check, then now is the time as these giants are only visitors to our shores and before you know it they will be gone till next year.

Kitty & Koorie.




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  1. Definitely on my to-do list! Have to give it a go sounds like fun!!

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  2. The experience you described is the magic we have here in Queensland and all for free, just looking at the landscape and oceans, it’s a dream come true. thanks you for sharing your magic with us.


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