Kitty’s Doof guide

Before we jump into the guide lets answer one question.

What’s a doof and how is it different to a festival??

“Nobodies competing to get to the front to see the artist. Everyone’s there to dance and enjoy the music. Everyone respects each other and looks after each other”

If you’re not familiar with Australian slang then you might not know what the word ‘doof’ means. First of all, ‘doof’ is short for ‘bush doof’. Basically, Oxford Dictionaries refers to this as

‘A large outdoor party with dancing to electronic music, held at a remote or rural location’.

This originated in the early 90’s when a ticked off neighbour claimed all the ‘doof doof’ wasn’t music at all.

What makes a Bush Doof different to a festival is a bush doof (mostly) consists of only electronic music from psychedelic and trance genres.

Along with the music, these events promote open thought and freedom of expression and during your first doof you will feel the overwhelming sense of community that goes with it.


Above photo by Byron Smith Photography

During the month of November we attended a doof called Bohemian Beatfreaks, a baby sister event of Rabbits Eat Lettuce, held inland Byron Bay. Although smaller than Rabbits, Boho was magical in every way.  This was my first doof and from that I’ve put together a little guide on what to take and tips to remember.

The importance of any doof is to have fun. Most people do this by dressing up and making a statement. Here’s how you can do that!

  • Decorate your campsite with Solar powered fairy lights, banners and painted signs
  • Wear heaps of glitter – face, arms, everywhere. Vaseline helps keep it to your skin
  • Costumes. Dress up as something you wanted to be when you were growing up. Eg Ballerina, astronaut, pilot.
  • Glow toys – poi, hula hoops

This is the essential list

  • Baby wipes – especially good when there’s no time to shower and to get a clean face when reapplying glitter the next day.
  • Sun screen – the sun is not always your friend!
  • Hair brush – unless you’re into dreadlocks
  • Hats – sailor hat, bucket hat. They will help keep the sun off your face.
  • Scarfs – when your outfit shows a lot of skin scarfs can keep the sun off.
  • Mirror – to apply fresh glitter the next day
  • Dry Shampoo – Says it all
  • Deodorant – It’s hot and you will sweat heaps
  • Water – Boho had water stations, but it’s a pain when it’s still a 5 minute walk and you’re half asleep.
  • Easy foods – If you don’t want to spend money on food there, I suggest bringing fruit and 2 minute noodles.
  • Spray bottles – filled with water to cool you and your mates down on the D floor.
  • Blankets – It can get super cold at night!
  • Sunnies – for when the sun is shining but the D floor is calling
  • Camera – Don’t use your phone cause the battery will die a lot quicker.
  • Shoes – optional. I went bare at boho
  • Rubbish bags – take everything home with you or use bins!

A few important reminders

  • Most doofs are BYO and require that you bring absolutely no glass into the event. Do yourself a favour and our your vodka into plastic bottles or better yet just bring cans. But remember to recycle!
  • Always bring money in cash as ATM reception can be limited
  • Leave the bad vibes at home!
  • There wont be reception – download the map to and from the event before leaving home so that you don’t get lost.

When you go to the doof you’re going to need to set up your camp site. First thing, Make sure its:

  1. Leveled
  2. Not too close to the main stage ( You won’t get any sleep)
  3. Not too far though!
  4. Toilets nearby
  5. Friendly faces around


In saying that, don’t be afraid to go alone! The friends you are going to make within the first 2 hours of getting there are going to be your friends for life!

And finally, be yourself and just have fun. See you at the next doof!

Kitty   xx


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  1. This is a great blog/guide I will be joining Rabbits next Easter.. it will also be my first and will be bringing along my 14 month old (who will then be 17mths old) . I hope to bumo into u while we r there x


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