The Hardware

The Hardware.

So firstly I would like to state that in no way are we professional photographers. Photography is purely a passion of ours that we picked up from capturing moments from our adventures.

We’ll start with one of our favourite gadgets that we currently hold in our arsenal of equipment, the Gopro Hero 5 Black. This oh so tiny camera has a capability of 4k recording as well as RAW shooting. It has done wonders for us in capturing the perfect moment while being convenient to carry. Gopro has really out done them selves with this “Action Camera”. The results from experimenting with a few settings have proven that this little camera packs more of a punch that people credit it. We highly recommend for all you GoPro owners out there to treat them like a DSLR and have a play around with all the settings. You will honestly be amazed with what they are capable off and the image quality after a little bit of post tuning.

Along with the Hero 5, we also have the GoPro Karma Grip stabiliser. Now, I know there are many stabilisers out there on the market, but we were sold on the GoPro brand simply by the incomparable quality of the current Hero5. Quality wise; the Karma Grip has proven to be exceptional. Providing smooth movement while recording and a variety of control options for the Gopro at our fingertips. The Karma Grip is a win win in our books.

Next up and new to the family is our DJI Phantom 4 pro. This is our first time experimenting with drones and, so far, we are extremely impressed with the results. The guys at DJI know exactly how to make quality products. Keep an eye out for some aerial shots on our Instagram over the next couple of months and a full review will soon follow.

Some of the other accessories and product we hold:

  • Gopro Remo (Control)
  • Small Tripod Grip (Purchased from ebay)
  • Sp Gadget Case
  • Sp Gadget POV Pole
  • Sp Gadget Suction Cup Mount
  • Sp Gadget Float Handle
  • Sp Gadget Body Mount
  • Manfrotto Tripod
  • GoPole Triad Grip (Great mount for vlogging with microphone mount as well as under water Dome with torch mount)
  • Telesin under water Dome
  • Kaiser Baas Under water Torch
  • Manfrotto Camera bag
  • Jackery Force 260 12,000 mah Battery pack
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 90
  • Adobe Lightroom Editing Software

Big shout out to the team at Camera House. Not only is online ordering so quick and easy, but also having a broad range of products and accessories is a huge win when needing something right before your next adventure. We’re always buying last minute, and going down the road to the nearest digital store has never worked out for us as they have minimum to zero products in stock. Camera House has definitely had our back countless of times.

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